Monday, August 02, 2004

Breakfast kicks off big day

Breakfast kicks off big day 07/22/04 - Grand Island Independent: News

Candidates' choices of bikes analyzed

Candidates' choices of bikes analyzed: "CRAWFORD, Texas — This election cycle, the choice could not be clearer, the polarization more pronounced.

We are a nation divided, torn asunder by presidential candidates on opposite ends of a telling spectrum.

President Bush is a mountain biker. Think knobby tires, hilly climbs, tricky descents, thrills and spills on a vehicle that can be a weapon of (three letters, rhymes with 'mass,' no 'm') destruction.

Though he does some mountain biking too, challenger John Kerry is primarily a road biker. Think skinny tires, Lance Armstrong, the hypnotic Zen of pedal cadence and tire hum and mile upon mile upon mile of pavement.

A man can tell you a lot when he tells you what kind of bike he rides."