Tuesday, May 18, 2004

A Bicycle-to-Work Day Built for Two

bike 2 work flyerIs your bicycle oiled and aired for Friday? If you ride it to work that day with a friend -- and then to the Civic Center at 11:30 a.m. for lunch -- the mayor may hand you a trophy! The second bi-annual(?) Bike 2 Work Day is pushing the idea of two people riding to work together -- which fits in with the "2" in "Bike 2 Work," and also with the Shimano Commuter Challege to experienced bicyclists and rookies. A choice of 8 different models of bicycles will be awarded to the winners.

"Didn't we just have Bike 2 Work Day?" asked Jeff Doherty when I asked him if he planned to ride. In October, yes, but this month is Bike 2 Work Month, and Spring is such a lovely time to ride . . . So maybe Bike 2 Work Day will only be in May from now on, and not October. Or maybe twice a year. We'll see what people think.

Also, it might be worthwhile to ask what routes riders took to get to work. Were bicycle paths or routes followed?

The rules for Shimano's Bike to Work Challenge are posted. Deadline for entry is May 31. Winners will be posted at Bicycling Magazine.

Locally, the two who ride the farthest will get a trophy from the mayor, and a gift certificate from one of the bike shops. Other gift certificates will be awarded to other bicyclists. The new City bicycle maps will be available, and a brief questionnaire, music, and other goodies. View the flyer.